Ladies and gentlemen, please marry someone who supports you oh. Someone who believes in what God has called you to do. Not someone who wonders what you are doing. I said WONDER. Not even nagging or discouraging you yet. They are still "just wondering".

Marry someone who believes in your vision. In God's vision for your life. That's how you have a successful marriage.

Most of our "relationship issues" with Christ is because at some point we no longer believe/see the vision Christ see or the devil has distorted or masked God's original vision for us with a fake, which actually looks pretty good and enticing

but same could be said about adultery, you don't cheat on your spouse because the person you cheat with on your wife irritates you, (and if that's the case, the irritation is actually what enticed you, yes people like that exists).

See the devil is cunny. The enticement ain't gotta be sugar or beauty all the time. It could be ugly. For him. A win is a win.

So in essence, VISION is crucial in having a spouse/partner. I mean if we aren't heading the same way, why are we even together in the first place right?!

It seems basic and a common sense but it's really not. Because it's not that straight forward. You two could have two different "callings" but still the same Goals and Vision. That's how you discern.

It doesn't have to be the same calling, the same  process the same tactics the same everything. The first person could be ministering/fulfilling purpose through politics while the second through humanitarianism.

The point is the goal must ALIGN. 

What's the VISION, ask yourself what's the vision of this relationship. To both genders.
Without Vision the relationship is TOXIC!!!

 "he ain't gotta cheat on you or physically abuse you' She ain't gotta be a thot." They both might be good persons. But when their Visions don't align. That's Toxic Toxic. (tautology intended)

It's frustrating, depressing, annoying and sad and you don't want to be in that relationship.

You might be in the relationship already, what's the way out? You need to pray for a start. Talk to God. Talk to your spouse. Talk to a counselor.. Break up if you need to, after the conversation. It's never too late to turn back from a wrong direction. 'Coz if u kept going because the road is wrong. You would still end up in the WRONG DESTINATION

And if you are married, it's a bit more complicated, you should pray too, have the conversation, talk to a counselor.. trust God more to work things out in your relationship, in your marriage. God can change hearts. 

Now you would be wondering I'm not advising people who aren't married to pray and put in more effort for God to change the other person. Well it's because the level of commitment in marriage is different. When you are not yet married, you are not yet bound by law or God. You still have a whole choice. You could try to work things out. You could TRY

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