Let me share with you guys what happened during my community development service (CDS) meeting in my unit.
There was a lady with a child, so during our meeting i overhead her ask those sitting beside her if they had water, i was not sitting close, i assumed she needed to give her child..
so i went out from the secretariat to get her a sachet water, you need to see how she thanked me, i didn’t even know how to say you are welcome, it was almost like i gave her my kidney. i could see she was also sweating when i came back with the water so definitely she needed the water too as much as her child did.
Before we left secretariat that day she thanked me thrice if not more; at the meeting.. also while we were about to leave.. where we were getting our cards signed, and each time it was like she never thanked me before! i bet she is waiting for the next CDS day so she could hit me with another series of thanks. i have earned a fan, and also earn a lot of respect. just for #10 "pure water!!!" it was not even cold.
Now here's the truth nobody knew!
when i got to the secretariat, i was really thirsty, so i bought sachet water from the woman at the entrance, i bought only one, i couldn't even finish it because i haven't eaten that morning so i only drank to quench my thirst, i mean i only needed one pure water, but the woman does not have #20 change, so i told her maybe i would come back for it later and left. Guess what?!.. i was going to forget about the #10 change.. because it's just #10. now i have someone's respect because of that just #10 i didn't care about?!
see.. you don't need to break the bank to be kind.. you don't need to give your all to be nice.. just that little gesture.. that little act will go a long way in
someone else's life..
you might not even realise how much you have done in that person's life until you have done it. Then they would have you speechless like fam i didn't think it was that deep..
It could be a like on someone's post, subscribing to your friend's online channels, reposting their works or sharing their content, asking about their welfare, helping in ways that you could, it doesn’t have to be money, sometimes it's just listening to them.. sometimes it's just complimenting their effort, or even complimenting their own act of kindness.. it could be a word of encouragement, or reminding them how you value their friendship, little stuffs like this and you have a special place in
people's heart.
Did you know i still remember the first friend who subscribed to my YouTube channel?! and i will never forget! i didn't solicit for it, i just put out a content YouTube link on my WhatsApp status without soliciting for subscription but surprise surprise.. i got notification of a
new subscriber.
The page wasn't even really running then, i knew he did that for support. Stuffs like that and people will be happy they ever met or know you!
-Anonymous Corper