Depression is not about money. If you get that money. Depression is still there. It's abt being trapped. Exhausting all possible options of getting out. It's about staying in a dark tunnel without rays. The farther u go hoping to see d light, but u see nothing.
It's about moving in the same cycle. No matter how hard you try, you end up in the same frustrating spot. it's about hopelessness. How do you get out ????!! Same depression that has you trapped suggest just one solution and have you believe that's the only solution.
Depression hurts you and tells you not to voice out that it's got you. That it's here for you, it's crazy.  Depression is real as it gets and also a deception. The real solution is how you see it. If you closed your eyes to the darkness. You will see the spark.
Pray- Talk to God, Talk to a professional. Talk to a friend. Talk to somebody. Reach out. Voice out. Speak up. Don't listen to depression. Join inner force with the outside to break this 4 walls..  Talk. I can't emphasize this enough.
When Jesus Christ was in the same situation  He prayed and TALKED TO His disciples, there was a time He was really overwhelmed, He wanted to give up, guess what? God sent an Angel to COUNSEL Him. He won!
These things are biblical but religion blinds us.
Talk talk talk. Reach out. It's not about fighting alone. It's your world against its world, choose your warrior. There's no cheating.  Depression is the one cheating. When you talk to someone, the odd's in your favor!
God bless😉
Image credit- Jay Matthews