I would be fearless, because I know I would die anyways.. i would make most use of my opportunities, if a door doesn't open I would kick it down, I would be unstoppable, I wouldn't fear human status, like the hell i'm already facing death! 
I wouldn't be living for the approval of others i would be living for me!
I would careless about what others think of me.. i wouldn't be bothered with the famzy... They would probably be doing it out of pity for me anyways
I would appreciate people more, tell them how I feel about them, give straight compliments, tell those I care about that i care about them, say I love you more.. I would just spread happiness and positivity.
I would serve God more through services to humanity
I would stay mostly awake not thinking about my life or how much i'll be missed when i'm gone.. but grinding so I would be missed much more or not because of the impact i would make...
I would be somewhere in between overworking myself and knowing i need rest..
I would take every second, every moment of my life seriously, it's crazy but i probably would forget to take a time out and play, but when I do I would take even my play time seriously, when I want to rest, I would take my rest seriously.. I would make sure I make an impact as much as I could as much as i can before I leave the earth, I would reach out to people more, coz I wouldn't have anything else to worry about like i'm going to die anyways¿ I wouldn't have to worry about different phobias about the future, I would have faith in now, which makes a lot of sense coz worrying won't fix shit anyways..
If I had 365days to live,i would cherish the time I have with my family,love them more, I wouldn't miss anyone birthday or anniversary, I would call to check up on them often.. oh I wouldn't need to do that anyways, they would call often, (I'm the one dying) but i would answer their calls with so much happiness and care so they wouldn't have to worry about losing me, so they wouldn't have to worry at all, i would make sure i spread happiness even if i had a need I would like them to meet, if I had 365days to live, I would reach out to my friends to make sure they are ok, I wouldn't think twice or fear being misunderstood, I would ask my friends about their plans and help in ways I could. I would tell them the truth even if it hurts, i'ld confront them if they misbehave even slightly since i can't wait around, I have time limit now.
I think time is an illusion but yet it influence most of our decision.. it's easier said to live in the moment. But that call we decided to make later was because we believed we still have time to make the call. If our lives was on a clock. Believe me. It's either u give up on time and let it all go. Or u make use of the time u have left.  U want to make a call. U don't think about tomorrow. All you think of is your time is limited and you pick your fone @dat moment and make a call. 
Is this the moment where we say it's better if we had no hope of the future?
Since we'll make most use of our now?

Is this the moment when we conclude if we didn't have 365days to live, we shouldn't have made future plans or have long term goals?
Is this the moment when we say it's better we stick with short term goals ?

I honestly don't know if i have an answer but
I think despite the long term goals.. what really matters isn't the Time as we portray it to be, it's the hour, the minute, the second, the moment,. If we focused more on this moment now, if we don't allow ourselves to be distracted by Time, and by this I mean the overall entity, hope in the illusion

We will live our lives to the fullest
We would be surprised at how just a year could be forever..

and even while we are gone..
Our legacy lives on..