I had a dream recently .In the dream, I saw that some of my friends and I was going somewhere. I was the one leading them.On our way, we got to a wilderness where I saw a snake. I ran back. Some of my friends said "Lydia, you can kill the snake".
One of them carried a big stone and I was motivated.I carried my own big stone too.I threw it at the snake. My friend threw his own too and the snake died.
This morning when I woke up,the Holy Spirit gave me a very interesting meaning and interpretation to the dream. I want to pass a message across from the dream.
On the journey/the race/way to fulfilling purpose and destiny,there will always be adversities, challenges, difficulties, circumstances that will always want you to go back, give up, run back to your past but if you have the right people in your life, you will overcome.

 Devil will always bring different things on our way to make us go back to our vomit and past but if you have the right friends/mentors, you will overcome.
I was able to kill the snake that wanted me to go back to my vomit and past because I had the right people with me that told me " Lydia, you can kill it. You can overcome". And I overcame.
My dear sisters and brothers,
Who are the people in your life?
Are they not people like Jonah and lot?
Are they telling you that you can overcome or they are telling you that you cannot overcome?
Are those people leading you to Christ or taking you away from Christ?
Have you not miss those you should meet and meet those you should miss?
Are those people not telling you to go back to your past and vomit?The truth is, you cannot handle that ministry alone. You cannot fulfill that vision alone. You need destiny helpers and supporters. Is it possible for the president of a drama ministry to be the only member in the ministry? No, because he cannot play all the roles alone during a ministration.

Unfortunately, many have missed their future partners, destiny helpers, vision supporters that are suppose to help them in difficult times because some are not ready for God to lead and direct them or because of the flaws in their character that they refuse to work on.
I want you to pray to God:
Lord, separate me from those in my life that are not suppose to be there.
Lord help me not to meet those I should miss and help me not to miss those I should meet.
Who are the people that should be in my life and are not in my life, O Lord help me to meet them.
You cannot do it alone.
You need the right people in your life to make the journey easy.