Hi, I'm Oluwafisayomi, I strive for success and I do all I can to acquire knowledge. Why? Because, success is good but it takes knowledge to keep your success. Are  you a student with wonderful grades? Are you the best in your class? Ok! calm down,  what do you have to offer? Just like beauty, your results attracts ,but it takes what you have upstairs to keep you in that success. Most of us  read only to get good grades and not  to know.

Wow ! Good to know you had an A in that course, I hope you'll be able to answer questions from that course in 2months time, I hope you still remember all you read ? If you do, thats great! But if you  do not then you've failed that course.... Education is more than you going to school and coming out with Good grades, knowledge is needed...you  have failed if you no longer know what you used to know

Well, am I saying getting good grades is bad?? Nahhh,its not,just like saying its bad to look beautiful. Nothing is as good as that, but it shouldn't stop there.. ,don't forget, just like Beauty, grades will attract but knowledge will keep you in success. So, how can you acquire knowledge??

Firstly, know that you are an embodiment of knowledge, you couldn't live as long as you have without having knowledge, its in you, all you need to do its to bring it forth and acquire more.

How? *Desire to learn, desire is the foundation of all learning and you can only climb up the ladder of knowledge by desiring to learn. *Read critically,be a good reader,What you read is important, but not all important. How you read is the main consideration. 2. Always practice what you already know, when you practice and dont quit,it sticks. * always be ready to listen and ask questions.* Teach what you know, don't keep it to yourself like some of us do,when you teach,you learn more and it sticks too* be a writer,You know what you know once you have written it down!people who trusts everything to memory, forgets so easily, and possesses so little real knowledge.* always observe things happening around you and learn from them.

Hey friends, do not read under pressure, do not read only because exam is on the way. Reading should compliment learning, read/ study to know not only to pass. Also do not streamline your reading to your course of study alone,have a broad knowledge.

Stay independent! Do not depend on friends to help you during exams,do away with meaningless activities, move with people of like minds( friends who will add value to your life) , plan your time well, always be ready to listen and learn, do not procrastinate,know your strength and work on your weaknesses, stay focused and be determined, don't major on the minor, do not allow anyone or anything to distract you, make a promise to yourself to make the best out of all that you do. Above all have GOD,be rooted and established in him through Hus word. He alone gives GOOD SUCCESS.

You are not born a failure, you can only get yourselves attracted to it by exposing  yourselves to it. You can achieve your goal,just do the needful. . YOU ARE A SUCCESS

Acquire knowledge and success will chase you. Knowledge is also needed to stay in success.

No thief, however skillful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire.(L. Frank Baum)

In all your gettings ,get knowledge

Yours Always