There were rumors Funke Akindele popularly known as "Jenifa", a Nigerian born actress was listed among the cast of the much anticipated blockbuster movie,  Avengers: Infinity War... Well, the rumor is true, She is to feature in The Avengers: Infinity war as Dora Milaje..
This news has caused uproars among Nigerians including me..  Some said its not really a big deal.. "Haters". Well, I think it's a big deal.. Even bigger deal.. Talking about the money she will be paid,  let alone the boost to her career, she now has international recognition. This article is not about confirming if the rumour is true or not, this article is about the set of people that have started thinking why they didn't choose acting as a career and are now considering going for auditions,  the set of people that wanted to become a footballer when Neymar Jr was signed to PSG for a whooping record breaking transfer fee of $263million, this set of people wondered why they weren't footballers and are determined their unborn children must be a footballer!
The set of people who wanted to become a musician when Ayo Balogun popularly known by his stage name wizkid was paid $130,000 for his performance at CAF AWARDS that lasted less than 10mins.
The set of people who wanted to turn themselves to street fighters when Mayweather was paid not less than $100million for his match against McGregor.
There's a Chinese saying..  "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago ,  the next best time is now". Funke Akindele didn't just land the role in the Avengers, it took time..  I remember watching her on a TV series "I need to know", she acted the role of a teenager, that should tell you how young she was. I have been watching old hollywood movies recently and I saw Hollywood super stars we see today featured in this old movies,  it occurred to me, they didn't just land the Hero/Heroine role through a one time audition for the role..  It took time.. They have been acting!! You know the "you need perseverance" speech?! I'm not gonna say that again... But it's funny how our aforementioned set of people wish, they dream but refuse to wake up to the reality that "miracle don't just happen, don't get me wrong, I believe in miracles, in fact I wish I had a million dollars right now! The point is, "you think 4 years is too long to build your dreams wait until 4years and you have nothing!" Remember the last 3years you wished you had a car? Life don't happen by chance.. It's a deliberate act!  You gotta keep doing what you are doing..  You fail..  You fail better.. Obviously you have learnt something, if you hadn't, you would have failed exactly like the first try!
Every step you take, even the wrong ones lead to your right destination!  The right ones get you there faster, the wrong ones give you experiences.. It might not make sense now but eventually it will! Every piece is meant to make up your story!
Never give up..  You have to pass through the HARDship that's why it's called BREAKthrough.. Your time is definitely sooner than you think! You don't have to be a musician, a footballer,an actress or a professional boxer! You've heard people say do what you love, what you are passionate about! They are right! Be a professional you! and by God's grace, you will realise its all worth it in due time!!!

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