I'm a very annoying "somebori", to those who know me, forget the innocent face and whatever else you are thinking..  I've annoyed most of my friends..
To mention but few occasions..
In my year one in school I stayed off camp,  my hostel comprises of 6 rooms self contain.  I stayed at the extreme end with my roommate.. With the nicest personality..  @vinci, CEO DEO studios.
But then we were not so nice..  You will judge from this story i'm about to share...
One of our neighbours, our nice neighbour thought it well to help our indomie-lazy-ass with food.
It was fried rice..  We collected and we were so happy..  In my year 1, I and my roommate were only book and Indomie freak,  We didn't develop much interest in cooking.. I personally didn't even know food was that necessary to grow.. So back to our story,  we collected the food, I collected the food, without wasting time we started eating..  We made some serious comments, loll.. I'm even feeling somehow to share,  but it's needed,  I said ingredients is too much in this food,  Haba,  just this small food, see the oil sef.. We even said if we had the ingredients she used we would definitely do better than this!  Nothing I no talk finish with my "badmouthed" roommate, Infact I don't know if I should say he influenced me but we are cliche in badmouth.. My "rummie" even said he's not eating again , me I told him I will finish it o, We didn't know she was listening to our comments..   We thought she left but she stayed at the door eavesdropping..  Do you know the worst part? after I finished eating I carried plate went to meet her and told her something like "wow..  She sabi" ...praised her well..
Then she looked at me and shook her head, I could see her red eyes,  she said after all what we have said.. I pretended like we didn't say anything but she told me she heard us and I was sure from her look,  Omo, feeling sense fell on me, no be small Beg oo..  Wetin I no talk finish to undo what we have done..  I told her it was because we have not been eating well Cooked food with correct ingredients , so this one shock us.. which is true.. After all the lines we could come up with. She forgave us..
Another story is how I made my friend missed admission..
She wanted to further her education, she Already had ND result,  she wanted to choose my school ,she asked me about it and I told her how my school is still behind in Nigeria school calendar, she will have to wait a year if not more than, before she resumes even if admission list is out,  she agreed..
So after all the waiting, her name came out in the admission list but she missed the screening.. She didn't know..
I was supposed to tell her..  Actually I didn't know on time but will that settle all the time she spent at home waiting  ?!  she also forgave me.. 
Do you know the Connection with these 2 stories?  I messed up, I hurt my friends, they both forgave me but I didn't forgive myself!!!
Yes,  I didn't forgive myself!  Most times we make mistakes ,we hurt someone, they forgive us but we don't forgive our Self!

Each time I remember this 2 incidents,  I feel bad, I feel terrible, until a preacher talked about forgiveness, who we are to forgive,and I was pretty much surprised to hear forgive yourself in the list! This story came back to me and I discovered I haven't forgiven myself!!
So if you are reading this, there's probably an event that's making you bitter, making you sad, because you hurt someone,  if after apologizing, (NOTE : after apologizing), the person refuse to forgive you, forgive yourself and move on with life,  and even when the person forgives you after apologizing forgive yourself too!!!
Your own case  may be different,  maybe you didn't do what you were supposed to do,  and the outcome was fatal,  maybe there's no way to even undo what you have done.. My point is no matter what!! 
Forgive Yourself!! It makes you live life and Not existing