_"Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly in honour preferring one another Romans 12:10_

In the early church, Christians were not calling each other Christians (Act 11:26).
They called each other saint, brother, and sister. And if you look at the New Testament verses that tell us to love most of them are encouraging Christians to love each other. With all this love and affection, why does Paul write to believers and tell them to submit to one another in the fear of God (Ephesian 5:21.) Where does fear of God come into all this?

This is the answer: God lives insides each of us. Our lifelong journey is towards looking more like him. So when we help or hinder   our brothers and sisters, we're helping them look more like God or less like God, everyday. If we reach out to help them when they're struggling, or choose to hold back, there are real consequences. We're not just lifting up a friend. We're helping them realize their destiny. That's very serious.

So how do we live today, in light of that We should have at least a little bit of fear and trembling that keeps us from taking other people too lightly. When you call someone a saint or a brother or sister, it?s a high calling, and we must learn to honour and respect such people.

Fellow believers are worthy of our honour and respect and we must give it to them.

Act 11:26
Ephesian 5:21.

1. Lord Jesus, thank you for surrounding me with believers that are co-partakers of your     salvation.

2. Lord Jesus, help me to be respectful in the name of Jesus.

3. Lord Jesus, help me to honour those who equally believe in Jesus in the name of Jesus.

4 Lord Jesus, make me more like you in the name of Jesus.

I Samuel 19: 8 , 20: 42
Isaiah 60
Romans 5: 12 - 21.