_"The Lord is on my side, I will not fear;what can man do to me? Psalms 118 : 6*_

Fear is powerful. It can stop us doing the things God wants us to do so we must overcome it.

*FIRST, BE PREPARED TO TAKE A RISK AND STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE*By allowing ourselves the freedom to take a chance, we can beat insecurity and grow our confidence. One step out of our comfort zone at a time. The fear of men bringeth a snare. But whoso putteth this trust in the Lord shall be safe.! (Proverbs 29 : 25)

*SECONDLY, LEARN TO LAUGH AT YOURSELF*You can get so caught up in a trap trying to win other people's approval and acceptance that we worry when we make mistakes. But we're surrounded by people who've made those same mistakes before as well.

*NEXT, WE NEED TO WIDEN OUR VIEW*.The trouble fear and insecurity is that we often end up, unintentionally, thinking about ourselves.. When we get some perspective, we see that our mistakes are usually pretty small in the grand scheme of life. Besides, we can learn a lot from them

*FINALLY, TREAT YOURSELF*When you have victory over fears, celebrate it. If you complete a project or react positively to criticism, reward yourself. Never forget that you're valuable, talented and skilled  and worth so much in God's eyes. Start seeing yourself how God sees you, and you'll find confidence starts to replace all that fear.

Choose a Bible verse which really reminds you of how much you're worth in God's eyes and memorize it

Proverbs 29 : 25
2 Timothy 1 : 7

1. Father, I receive the spirit of power instead of fear in the name of Jesus

2. O Lord, I receive the spirit of love instead of fear in the name of Jesus

3. Father, I receive the spirit of sound mind instead of fear  in the name of Jesus

Joshua 8
Isaiah 5
Luke 23 : 54 - 23 : 12