Is good to know some of the computer terms!!!

PC = Personal computer
HDD = Hard disk drive
PCI = Peripheral component interconnect
GUI = Graphic user interface
VGA = Video graphics array
ASCII = American standard code for information interchange
EBCDIC = Extended binary coded decimal interchange code
CPU = Central processing unit
ALU = Arithmetic logic unit
ROM = Read only memory
RAM = Random access memory
PROM = Programmable read only memory
EPROM = Erasable programmable read only memory
EEPROM/EAPROM = Electrical erasable/alterable programmable read only memory
ICT = Infomation communication technology
VDU = Visual display unit
CD = Compact disk
DVD = Digital versatile disc
OS = Operating system
LAN = Local area network
WAN = Wide area network
MAN = Metropolitan area network
USB = Universal serial bus
UNIVAC = Universal automatic computer
BIOS = Basic input and output system
AGP = Accelerated graphic port
IDE = Integrated drive electronics
ATX = Advanced technology extended
MHZ = Megahertz
GHZ = Gigahertz
RW = Re-writeable
SIMMs = Single in-line memory module
DIMMs = Dual in-line memory module
ENIAC = Electronic number integrator & calculator
EDSAC = Electronic dialog storage automatic computer
IC = Integrated circuit
DIR = Directory
DOC = Document
PDA = Personal digital assistance
MOS = Metaoxide semi conductor
SDT = Serial data transmission
PDT = Parallel data transmission
GIGO = Gabbage in gabbage out
FIFO = First in First out
LIFO = Last in First out
WIFI = Wireless Fidelity
LSIC = Large scale integrated circuit
DHCP = Dynamic host configuration protocol
MAC = Media access control
CMD = Command
CMOS = Complimentary metaoxide semi conductor
PAN = Personal area network
CAN = Campus area network
SQL = Structured query language
DBMS = Database management system
RDBMS = Relative Database Management System
ISP = Internet service provider
SIM = Subscriber identification module
FORTRAN = Formular translation
URL = Uniform resource locator
COBOL = Common business-oriented language
QBASIC = Quick Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
CSS = Cascading style sheet
HTML = Hypertext markup language
RFI = Request For Information
DDOS = Distributed denial of service
SEO = Search engine optimization
PHP =  Originally derived from Personal Home Page Tools, now stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
WWW = World wide web
TCP = Transmission control protocol
IP = Internet protocol
VPN = Virtual private network
HTTP = Hypertext transfer protocol
CCNA = Cisco certified network associate
XML = Extensible markup language
CISCO = computer information system company
CEH = Certified ethical hacking
CCNP = Cisco certified network professional
USSD = Unstructured supplementary service data.

There are alot of acronyms, but we share this few.