-By Pastor J.A. OLABIYI
Hearken unto my voice says the Lord. I am the Lord your redeemer says the Lord. You have heard all what have told you, It is my will my will for you says the Lord.
I am a mighty God says the Lord, all what have promise you; i will do says the Lord. Listen to me clearly, the year you are is a revealing year.
Because of your obedience, listen to me, the year is not a year you are to do hypocrite, it is a year which I will not permit unfaithfulness, because, I am come to use this year to fulfill all my promises to you my people concerning this nation.
A year to restore back all your lost years, those in darkness to be release, says the Lord. It is a year ye of liberty, liberty, liberty to fight for you both little and old, because of this great work am going to do in your midst the faithful before me says the Lord. I am going to do a great work in your midst and each life.
I am preparing for you the key of the treasure, of blessing I am giving you now. I am in control of the nation from the beginning of this year to the end.

My peace, peace, peace I said peace will continue to reign. Hear me, rumors of war, am now putting to an end. All evil manners, I will put it to bondage says the Lord. This is my warning, let all the gathering of the wicked among you among the women, and let it be put to a stop.
Ask yourself, what have I gain since I have joined this wicked gathering? It is not my will to suffer or to not receive my blessing says the Lord. Am also warning those officers in the church playing with adultery, be careful says the Lord.
If you fail to obey, you will be naked says the Lord. Also those stealing tithe, I have called but you did not listen, this year, I will expose you. The year is a special year for you all; it’s a year of joy and happiness. You are to celebrate me, at the end; you are going with your glory.
Yes it is your year of glory, you will witness it in receiving this blessing, you have to be faithful in paying your tithe. I am changing the nation; the old Nigeria will be change to the new Nigeria that is the meaning of the new land I have told you before.
Let all the ministers put on a new garment, atmosphere for evangelism as I have said before. You have works to do for me, you need to pray, call upon me that the manifestation of all my promises should be immediate.
Let this be added to your prayer, pray that none of my people should be carried away with the flood in the cause of the year says the Lord. Let prayer of fire disaster be added to it because the enemy has planned to destroy many big houses and many big markets.
I have provide many instrument to be used for the evangelism says the Lord. I will go through my churches in the year. Those that are suffering, I will comfort. Many are ministers but they did not enjoy the ministry. Yea, my people don’t worry, you will see me says the Lord.
Those that are murmuring, stop murmuring, I will visit you. I have blessings in my house this year. In praising me, I will cast out the evil curse that is disturbing my people say the Lord. I am going to do wonders as you call upon me. oh LORD hold not thy peace thou Lord my praise... if you do dis, i will send back evil to evil doers,
This psalm I want you to use through the year and it is going to be your motto. Don’t stop my praises I am separating them afresh for their ministration of the work says the Lord. I am commanding everyone to go home with joy, let them take home my joy. Command them that they should go home with my joy and they will go with my joy.
As you will be reading in psalms, I will be fighting your battles says the LORD.