[12:23PM, 01/01/2017‬: Second Prophecy.
I Am that is I Am said the Lord. I am the King that no man can dethrone.
Last year I promised you of your safety in that year. Despite the storm and hot air in that year, I stood by My promise in the year.
You are in My Presence once again because of the fulfilment of My promise.
I therefore want you My people, My beloved throughout this country to appreciate me for this first seven days of d year. And let the coming Sunday in each Assembly be for celebrating My goodness. In this new year, I have started with you and will continue with you.
The goodness, the glory is for you.
When others will be crying, weeping, you will be rejoicing.
When others may be losing their properties, you will be gathering more properties.
It is My Will to put a demarcation between you My people and the people of the world.
To make My promises to be fulfilled on you, you need to renew your covenant with me.
I am demanding your closeness with Me in the year.
It is My Will in d year, to repair the altar of prayers in each Assembly for I will use your prayers to overcome you and give you victory.

In d year the children of Ishmael will continue to harass and terrorize throughout the Nation. Shedding of innocent blold will continue in d Nation.
The wilderness of s year will swallow many.
Many will pass through the wilderness of the year but because My Mark is not on them. It is My Will to place My Mark on you that you may not be devour.
[12:23PM, 01/01/2017‬: Let My servants, from the least, be watchful in their care for My Sheep. I can see many Assemblies, the ministers are there but they are nothing.
[12:23PM, 01/01/2017: The Motto for this year is coming with power. It will do you well. I am repeating it that the blessings of d year are yours. Your way will be open.
There will be shouts, shouts of praises in My House.
When premature termination shall continue you will not have part.
Beware in your houses. Beware how you handle electricity in your homes.
Fire disasters to destroy life and property will continue in d year.
[12:23PM, 01/01/2017‬: As you have heard, Leaders call out Pastor Oke of Oshodi in this Service and ordain him as International Evangelist says the Lord. I will prosper his ministry and will make his ministry to elevate this Vision.