The Lord spoke through 3 LAWNA prophets in THE APOSTOLIC CHURCH NIGERIA OLORUNDA KETU LAGOS. Am sharing this few below...

¶Be faithful in your payment of tithe

¶Be patient for God before taking decision!!!

¶Your suffering is over

¶You've been set free from your bondage

¶Your year of glory
I have open the door and no one will shut it

¶Those wicked animals will bite themselves to death

¶Pray that all the promises of God shouldn't be delayed that He should fulfil them speedily

¶Prayer against flood and fire disaster

¶Those that are suffering I will comfort

¶Those that are murmuring, stop! I'll visit you

¶I want praises in my House this year
In praising me I'll cast out evil doers that are disturbing the blessing of my people

¶I'm going to do wonders, because of that, you are to call upon me;
O Lord hold  not Thy peace Thou Lord my praise.. If you do this I will send back the evil to evil doers.. Use this psalm throughout the year

--Hold not Thy peace oh God of my praise!!!

¶2017 year of Joy!!!!.

2017 MOTTO: Hold not Thy peace oh God of my praise. Psalm 109:1 kjv

Hallelujah: It is good to serve GOD.