And Elijah said unto her, Fear not; go and do as thou hast said: but make me thereof a little cake first, and bring it unto me and after make for thee and thy son.. 1 Kings 17:13.

After Elijah had proclaimed a drought over the land by the arrangement of God, He sent him to Brook Cherith. At His command the ravens were feeding him with bread and meat and he drank from the Brook.

Another arrangement of God came up when the Brook dried up which brought Elijah to Zarephat of Sidon to the house of a widow. A widow not a mistress or a queen of the land.. He asked her for some bread, and she said, she just had enough oil and flour to make a meal for her and her son and they will wait for death after that. But Elijah told her to make for him anyway and afterward make for herself and her son. That God would keep her supply of oil and flour up till the drought was over.

Here, he was asking for a great deal of FAITH to consider him first. Asking her to give all she had for the Lord first. Two things are on the Table here which FAITH must achieve. OBEDIENCE AND GIVING, leading to hospitality even when she had only a little. But we see the principle in action. ?If you put God first, He'll take care of the rest. My life time, I will give God my life time..

This was the whole idea behind tithing to God and giving Him the first fruits. Give to God first and watch Him miraculously provided. Jesus said SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD.. The things He was referring to were the things they were worried about: What to eat, What to drink, What to wear. If we give to God first, He will always take care of our needs.

The widow could have refused Elijah's request and eat with her son but she obeyed God who proved for them in a miraculous way. Are you willing?

ACTION POINT: Learn to always put God first in all you do.

1 Kings 17:31
Isaiah 1:19
Matthew 6:33
Genesis 22.

1. Father, continue to make perfect arrangement for my life in the name of Jesus.

2. Lord, give me the heart to always put You first in the name of Jesus.

3. Father, I receive the spirit of Obedience and giving anew in the name of Jesus.

4. Lord, continue to provide for me and supply my need in the name of Jesus.

2 Kings 19
Jeremiah 52
1 Timothy 3.