Life is a drama and its script written by God. He chooses who becomes the lead role and who will be just a passerby in the drama.
His choice cannot be questioned by any man because He is the Alpha and Omega of the drama.
A lead role plays the major act in the drama and appears in most of the scenes of the drama. He has so many responsibility in the drama and with the help of the script writer plays his role most effectively.
We learn so many lessons from the drama through the acts of the lead role. We study everything that happens to the lead role, from his birth (if stated) to his death. How he lived his life, how he managed the stage, what impact he made in the drama.
The lead role is never neglected and receives more attention than other people participating in the drama. Without a lead role in a drama, the drama makes no sense. The death of the lead role is the end of the drama.
A passerby is another actor in the drama. He appears in one or two scenes in the drama. He has little or no impact in the drama. He could be seen at scenes of accidents, fights, at the bar, eateries, and so on.
The acts of a passerby is not really studied in the drama because he leaves no moral lesson to the viewers.
Although, at times one could learn one or more lessons from the passerby but it cannot be compared to that learnt from the lead role. Once a passerby is no longer seen in subsequent scenes, it is not so obvious because his absence doesn't stop the drama.
In life, so many of us has made ourselves passer-by even when the script writer has made us to be the lead role. We believe we have nothing to offer to the world thereby terminating the plan of the script writer for us.
This however make us depend on the passersby to display a little of the assignment the script writer has given to us. In doing this, we make the script writer sad and bitter and even regretting He gave us such assignment.
Are you still hiding, regarding yourself as nothing thinking you cannot make anything good out of yourself? Go back to the script writer of your life, collect the original script written for you and work on it to make the script writer proud of you that He may be happy to commit a greater assignment into your hands.
He is waiting for you today, hurry up and run back to him!!!